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Being a leading professional association often requires excellent knowledge of legislative developments and the recent industry trends.

Even the most experienced associations struggle to keep up to date with the lengthy and technically complex regulations that might affect their sectors of interest. Additionally, tracking policy developments can be a pricey and time-consuming endeavour.

With Policy-Insider.AI, you can effortlessly monitor policy to find out the information that interests you within minutes. Regardless of the size of your association, our policy monitor can make your data collection and analysis more effective.

Policy-Insider.AI allows associations to immediately identify the most influential politicians  and find out their policy interests as well as political connections. We offer you the possibility to extend your network  by gaining access to profiles of the main political stakeholders and easily  identify newcomers. 

better represent Your interests

Professional associations can advance their interests by contributing to favourable reforms or preventing adverse effects of policies. In both cases monitoring policy and building a solid stakeholder network are necessary to succeed. Tracking policy developments can not only help identify key policy trends but also communicate a more consistent message to all internal and external stakeholders.

With Policy-Insider.AI, all associations, regardless of size and structure, can use this platform to their advantage by enhancing the knowledge of policy documents. Our online dashboard allows users to consult over 400,000 policy documents per year at any point in time in the language of preference. The database is updated daily with newly published documents to provide you with the latest policy developments.

Associations that require sector-specific information can filter the documents based on region, institution, and policy area and identify related and similar policy documents. Additionally, as a professional association, you might better represent your interests when reaching out to politicians active in relevant policy areas.

Keep up with Policy changes

Associations need to be equipped with the knowledge of the newest regulatory developments to improve their research activities and provide effective professional guidance.To keep track of the most recent policy developments, associations must monitor a variety of governmental and regulatory agencies as well as their social media. However, regularly monitoring agency websites manually is inefficient. Policy-Insider.AI allows you to work more effectively- we provide you with the most important information all in one place

Our platform allows associations to closely follow the legislative process through documents published by national parliaments, European institutions, or major international organisations, such as the OECD and the WHO.

With personalised alerts, you will know first-hand about new regulatory changes in your sector. Additionally, our social media tracker will enable you to uncover new developments and track them over time. To read more about how we use Twitter to analyse trends in the activity of policymakers on social media, click  here.

Find out How Policy-Insider.AI Can help you

Having the knowledge of policy developments allows professional associations to better form their opinion and increase their political outreach. Thanks to Policy-Insider.AI, you can improve your efficiency and quality of work and simultaneously minimise the effort. Our platform is simple to use and provides comprehensive and diverse coverage across policy areas and political institutions.

Policy-Insider.AI allows you to track and identify policy changes across a variety of institutions at the early stages of policy development, giving you a chance to maximise the use of your resources and channel your efforts towards the right actors.

You can use our platform for policy analysis and expanding your network by following the activities of the most influential actors and institutions in national or global politics. Thanks to our tools, you will also be able to provide comprehensive expertise with the most recent information promptly and effectively, thus better satisfying the needs of the stakeholders.

We are committed to making Policy-Insider.AI your one-stop shop for […]
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On 8 December 2021 Olaf Scholz and his cabinet ministers […]

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We are committed to making Policy-Insider.AI your one-stop shop for […]
An article was previously published bringing together the list of […]
On 8 December 2021 Olaf Scholz and his cabinet ministers […]