Recent changes & updates

As we are implementing source additions and fixes, you might experience some downtime or unavailabilities.

We've added communications and publications by the Robert-Koch-Institute, Public Health Enagland and Santé Publique France,  all available in German, French and English. 


We have added a large set of debates in the UK, including oral questions, prime minister questions, topical questions, Common and Lord debates and Westminster Hall debates. Furthermore, we have…

Some mandates were not displayed correctly, including the presidencies of the respective parliaments as well as details on the Commissioners' portfolios. This has now been fixed.

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Translator updated

As we prepare to train our AI translator to learn spanish and italian, we have made some tweaks to make the translator quicker and better.

With a total of 5.000 policy makers currently covered in the app, we have now updated the twitter feeds for 800 of them. Historical data will be fully available over the next days.

As we strive to continuously update sources, features and analytics, we have now integrated an update feed directly in the app.

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We have added french institutions, including the President's office, National Assembly, the Senate and many more.

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