Gain Competitve Advantage through Policy Monitoring

In the age of digitalisation, access to policy documents is constantly increasing. However, even the most experienced  companies struggle to keep up to date with the technically complex and extensive policy documents .

Corporations can gain a competitive advantage by using Policy-Insider.AI. Such competitive advantage can be obtained by manually monitoring daily political affairs . Nevertheless, hiring a team for this purpose might be a pricey endeavour not all companies are willing to undertake. Whether you are already using policy knowledge to advance your company or only starting up,  the right tools are within your reach. Thanks to our innovative software, policy monitoring can be accomplished affordably and with ease . Our platform allows companies to effectively obtain the most relevant political information and monitor policy trends. 

measure national and global trends

Frequently, large companies set up their own offices in global political hubs or use external services to track policy changes. Why is it so important for corporate leaders to  stay up to date with policy developments?

With effective policy monitoring, companies can directly observe how new legislation will affect their industries. Policy developments can lead to favourable or harmful changes. To anticipate and make use of recent policy developments, careful  monitoring of emerging trends, signals and shifts is necessary.

For example, when we take a closer look at the topic of sustainability, we notice that the initially partisan movement now informs major political developments nationally, worldwide and across all existing industries. National governments in multiple European countries have established tax credits or monetary incentives to pursue greener initiatives. Further  policy developments in this area are anticipated to influence the corporate world

promote your interests

In rapidly growing and stagnating markets, knowledge of political affairs  is key to making favourable reforms or preventing adverse effects. In both cases, companies need to stay vigilant and vocal to shift the status quo  and use opportunities presented by new policy trends. With Policy-Insider.AI, all companies, regardless of size, can use the advantages provided by the knowledge of policy developments.

Our online dashboard allows users to consult over 400,000 policy documents per year  at any point in time in the language of preference. Every day, we complete the database with newly published documents to provide the most up-to-date information . Companies that require sector-specific information can filter the documents based on region, institution, and policy area and identify related and similar policy documents.

Additionally, as a business, you might better represent your interests by reaching out to politicians active in relevant policy areas. Policy-Insider.AI allows companies to immediately identify the most influential politicians and explore their profile , including their political connections and contact information. To read more about how we use Twitter to analyse trends in the activity of policymakers on social media,  click here.

Use the right tools

As suggested by Forbes magazine, “knowing your industry inside and out probably sounds like a full-time job all by itself. But in a world that moves as fast as ours does, you owe your business nothing less.” What if we told you that the information you require can be achieved  within a few clicks. Thanks to Policy-Insider.AI, you can improve your efficiency and quality of work and simultaneously minimise the effort.

Our platform is simple to use and provides comprehensive and diverse coverage  across policy areas and political institutions. Businesses can closely follow the legislative process through documents published by national parliaments, European institutions or major international organisations, such as the OECD and the WHO.

You can make use of  Policy-Insider.AI to identify new policy trends  that will affect your business and create a network of political stakeholders. With personalised alerts, your company will know first-hand about new policy developments in your areas of interest. 

Welcome to the newest chapter in your Policy-Insider journey! As […]
We’re thrilled to announce a significant expansion here at Policy-Insider.AI! […]
In the heart of Germany’s public health landscape stands the […]

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Welcome to the newest chapter in your Policy-Insider journey! As […]
We’re thrilled to announce a significant expansion here at Policy-Insider.AI! […]
In the heart of Germany’s public health landscape stands the […]