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Political organisations need to stay vigilant regarding new policy developments across all different stages and levels of policymaking. On the one hand, EU-wide policy developments can influence the policy response of national governments. On the other hand, supranational organisations need to track policy actions at lower levels of governance to effectively respond to new trends and signals

Currently, most political organisations deploy extensive resources to successfully monitor policy changes. What if we told you that this process could become  more affordable and less time-consuming? Policy-Insider.AI aims to simplify the policy monitoring process by offering all the relevant information in one place. Your institution can browse the  most up-to-date policy documents with a single click. The documents are provided in your language of preference.  

Political organisations can use valuable knowledge to evaluate and improve their strategies by closely monitoring and analysing policy developments. Thus, our platform offers the possibility to  compare policy developments across  geographical regions, institutions and policy areas.

Keep track of policy developments

As more responsibilities are transferred away from national governments to EU institutions, new challenges have emerged. Regional and federal governments must monitor EU policy developments even more closely than before to ensure conformity to previous regulations or directives and effectively respond to emerging changes. European organisations are increasingly overloaded with responsibilities and must increase their efficiency to effectively handle various policy areas

With Policy-Insider.AI, political institutions can efficiently consult over 400,000 policy documents per year , ranging from draft legislation and meeting minutes to press releases. Not only will you be able to filter  the documents based on region, institution and policy area, but also identify related and similar  policy documents.

  Policy-Insider.AI offers information from a broad range of political institutions, such as federal governments, regulatory authorities, courts, and international organisations, for example, the OECD and the WHO. The European level covers all major institutions, such as the European Parliament, the Council or the Commission, as well as regulatory and consultative bodies, for example, the European Committee of the Regions or the European Central Bank.

Expand your connections

The European Union constitutes a multilevel administration, both horizontally and vertically, thus requiring well-organised information exchange and logical communication structures. By being able to  identify the most active policymakers and political groups within your area of interest, your department can effectively communicate with the most relevant stakeholders.

Thanks to the stakeholder analysis that we provide, your political organisation will be able to  forge stronger relationships across and within institutions . For example, regulatory agencies acting under a Commission department or cooperating with ministries will be able to more effectively track the activity of executive politicians and obtain their contact information.

In addition to our extensive policymaker profiles , we also offer a social media tracker, which enables your organisation to uncover new political trends and track their developments over time. To read more about how we use Twitter to analyse trends in the activity of policymakers on social media, click  here.

Find out why you need Policy-Insider.AI

Whether you are drafting a new legislation or staying up to date with policy changes across all major institutions, consulting policy documents is a lengthy but necessary process for political organisations. Policy-Insider.AI simplifies your work by giving you the chance to  find all relevant institutions and document types in one place.

Thanks to  Policy-Insider.AI, your organisation can make use of  daily personalised notifications, which will allow everyone in your department to be on the same page. 

Our analysis and tracking tools  will allow you to improve your efficiency and adapt your actions faster than ever. Thus, your organisation will be able to advance its goals and fulfil targets more effectively.

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We are committed to making Policy-Insider.AI your one-stop shop for […]
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On 8 December 2021 Olaf Scholz and his cabinet ministers […]

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We are committed to making Policy-Insider.AI your one-stop shop for […]
An article was previously published bringing together the list of […]
On 8 December 2021 Olaf Scholz and his cabinet ministers […]