AChieve SucCess Through Policy Monitoring

The non-profit sector has increasingly been challenged to attract sponsors  and retain its sources of funding. By closely monitoring policy developments , non-profit organisations are able to use valuable knowledge to evaluate and improve their strategies .

Additionally, a good grasp of the most influential actors within a specific policy area offers an opportunity to  make valuable connections and advance political outreach . With this in mind, Policy-Insider.AI offers data collection and analysis tools that help to advance the position of non-profit organisations within the political arena.

While the most experienced institutions are already adept at policy monitoring, many non-profit organisations find the process challenging and time-consuming.  Minimizing the effort required to monitor policy, our platform can further improve the monitoring capacity  of large organisations and enable small organisations to follow in their footsteps in an affordable  and accessible  way.

Improve your strategy

High-performing non-profit organisations rely on extensive information to build their capacity and evaluate future strategies.  Data-informed mission statements and strategic plans  lead to higher organisational success, proving that non-profit organisations need to develop effective systems for monitoring relevant developments.

Our online dashboard allows users to consult over 400,000 policy documents per year  based on region, institution, and policy area in the language of preference. Every day we complete the database with newly published documents to provide the most up-to-date information.

Policy-Insider.AI offers data from a broad range of political institutions , such as federal governments, regulatory authorities, courts, as well as European and international organisations, such as the OECD and the WHO.

With such comprehensive institutional coverage, non-profit organisations can identify emerging issues and fit their strategies to  match political developments. Thanks to our tool, your organisation will effectively utilise opportunities  and prevent threats at the early stages of agenda-setting.

Expand your network

The non-profit sector is highly reliant on its capacity to deploy effective approaches  in order to expand its outreach. Policy monitoring has become a necessary activity for increasing fundraising  and advocacy capabilities.

Notably, tracking the most recent policy developments provides the right tools to communicate with donors  as well as a broader range of stakeholders, including political actors. To that end, non-profit organisations can better express their needs and prevent policy neglect  that increasingly affects the non-profit sector.

Additionally, being able to identify the key actors within the industry is crucial for increasing  outreach. Thanks to Policy-Insider.AI, non-profit organisations can identify the main political groups or actors  who are the most active within a given field of interest.

For example, a non-profit organisation interested in individuals suffering from the effects of natural disasters can immediately find out which politician has been involved in drafting legislation on this issue on a federal and international level.

Whether for following the activity of politicians or scheduling a meeting, Policy-Insider.AI allows non-profit organisations to immediately identify and continuously  monitor the most influential politicians and explore their profile, including their political connections and contact information.

use the right tools to get ahead

Non-profit organisations need effective internal strategies and fruitful external relations. While good  strategic management leads to significant organisational benefits , policy monitoring can require substantial resources and become time-consuming.

Thanks to  Policy-Insider.AI, you can improve your efficiency  and quality of work and  simultaneuosly minimise the time  invested.

Our platform is simple to use and provides comprehensive and diverse coverage  across the most relevant policy areas and political institutions. You can make use of Policy-Insider.AI to identify new policy trends  that will affect your sector and create a network of political stakeholders.

Additionally, our social media tracker  will enable your organisation to uncover new developments and track them over time. To read more about how we use Twitter to analyse trends in the activity of policymakers on social media,  click here

We are committed to making Policy-Insider.AI your one-stop shop for […]
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We are committed to making Policy-Insider.AI your one-stop shop for […]
An article was previously published bringing together the list of […]
On 8 December 2021 Olaf Scholz and his cabinet ministers […]