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How PI.AI changed public policy work at RPP

RPP, a leading public policy consultancy in Brussels and Europe, has been our partner from day 1 and has now widely implemented across the company.
A recent survey demonstrates the sustainable impact has had on the daily work, freeing up to 30 minutes per day for most users.

10.000 public policy documents added each week from:

European Union

European Union

European Parliament and its Committees
European Commission
European Council
European Court of Justice
European Centre for Disease Control
European Central Bank
European Economic and Social Committee

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

House of Commons
House of Lords
Her Majesty's Government
Public Health England
Bank of England



Federal Cabinet
Federal Courts



President's office
National Assembly
State Council
Santé Publique
Banque de France

Current Pipeline

Current Pipeline

World Health Organisation
United States Federal Government

Intuitive tools used by very different stakeholders

  • NGOs and non-for-profits use to increase their reach, policy knowledge and intervention speed at a very low price
  • Business and Associations use it to monitor policy developments that are relevant to their business
  • Media outlets benefit from's real-time coverage of policy developments across language barriers and instant contextualisation
  • Academics use the large data amounts to validate their theories and to develop new policy concepts
  • Policy maker and political parties use to align their initiatives and benefit from instant access to similar policies across the globe

Different tools for different needs

We have developed to be an intuitive tool, no matter if you have a lot of experience in public affairs or if you are just beginning to discover the world of policy making. Our most important rule: keep it simple. If it's not, tell us !

  • Search for policy documents and filter by region, institution, policy area, document type.
  • Sort policy documents chronologically, by relevance or level of focus on what you're looking for
  • Translate any policy document in your prefered language instantly
  • Receive fully customizable alerts
  • Discover policy maker profiles
  • "Talker or Maker?" Dive into social media and compare it to policy activity
  • Access contact details for over 5.000 policy makers


Committee of the Regions added

Reports, Opinions, Studies, Amendments, Publications (and more than 40 other types of documents) and Decision Makers at the CoR available as of today. 

Better contextualisation

Today's update provides you with more information on connected policy documents and some further improvements in alerts management. 

EESC added

We have added the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) and will be adding the Committee of the Regions (CoR) with our next update.

Functionality update

We have updated, including better display of document annexes, login using linkedin and easier subscription management

More transparency in policy

At RPP we wanted better and quicker access to policy information. We teamed up with the brilliant minds at to develop a knowledge platform that would not only benefit us but also create more transparency in policy making.

We enjoy every day we spend adding sources, designing new features and responding to your needs.
Learn more about the team behind the ai:

Latest blogs

This is very exciting to share as we have been working on this for a few months.

Based on current user feedback, we have adapted to better match their needs.

Policy-Insider.AI covers all policy areas. We are however striving to add additional sources close to policymaking, such as authorities in the Banking and Finance environment.

Amidst the global covid-19 pandemic, we have added several sources to to better monitor daily policy updates surrounding handling this global crisis.

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