Connect across all patient organisations

Many patient groups in Europe work together with other patient organisations, ranging from Pan-European disease-specific organisations to local communities. The patient organisations can work on a local, regional, national, European or international level. Therefore, patient groups  need a good grasp of what is happening throughout other organisations.

Policy-Insider.AI can help patient organisations or public health lobbyists to exchange information form coalitions and  find common ground. Our platform provides quick and easy access to the most important policy documents , ranging from official regulation to press releases. Your organisation will be able to track the activities of other institutions and policymakers . Moreover, the  social media tracking tools, which uncover hidden trends and signals, will help you  stay even more connected across organisations.

Keep track of national differences

The European agenda increasingly influences national public health policies. This requires patient groups to stay up to date with national differences  in order to improve patient advocacy. With the help of Policy-Insider.AI, you will  establish a collective patient voice to effectively advocate for improved healthcare policies on a national and EU level. 

 Our database contains information from a broad range of institutions, such as federal governments, regulatory public health authorities , as well as European and international organisations, for example, the  World Health Organization. Whether you are interested in a specific European health policy area or simply trying to identify new developments, our search tool will let you keep track of national and international differences.

Our online dashboard allows users to consult over 400,000 policy documents per year  based on region, institution, and policy area in the language of preference. The database is updated daily with newly published documents to provide you with  the latest policy developments.

Form alliances with key stakeholders

Patient groups need to identify the most relevant stakeholders  to advocate for their needs and increase outreach effectively. Expanding the stakeholder network can help to  devise new strategies to work together and exchange resources . Policy-Insider.AI enables the users to track the activity of politicians and political groups, as well as pinpoint the most active policymakers within specific policy areas. 

For example, suppose you work for the European League Against Rheumatism. In that case, you might want to reach out to policymakers who have expressed their interest in the subject area of rheumatism in the past.  You will achieve better results by advocating your interests towards the political stakeholders with the most influence and experience within a specific policy area

Policy-Insider.AI allows patient groups to immediately identify the most influential politicians and explore  their political profile, including their political connections and contact information, for easier access. 

Improve your position Towards EU institutions

Patient groups are responsible for representing a broad range of stakeholders and their views. To effectively advocate for beneficial health-related policies , a consistent message across all public health institutions and advocates needs to be created and broadcasted. Policy-Insider.AI offers excellent tools for making unified statements, thanks to our extensive database and analysis tools. 

 With our help, you can be a driving force for advancing the healthcare sector nationally and in the European Union . We offer daily personalised e-mail alerts so that everyone in your organisation or coalition can get the most relevant information and stay on the same page . We also help you improve your collective position by analysing social media trends and  identifying the most relevant stakeholders.  To read more about how we use Twitter to analyse trends in the activity of policymakers on social media,  click here.

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Public policy professionals, rejoice! is rolling out exciting updates […]
At the heart of the European Union’s political system lies […]
The World Health Organization (WHO, website), since its establishment on […]