We are digging deeper, month by month.

by Lutz

On the eve of going life with policy-insider.ai, we have been digging into nearly 700.000 documents and over 1.9 million tweets.
This is an amount of policy documents, difficult to grasp. It shows, how complex the world of Policy making has become and continues to be. The decisions of tomorrow are based on what has been drafted, amended, voted and published in the past.

In politics, as in science, we are standing on the shoulders of giants. 700.000 is not enough. We understand that in a multi-level governance world of policy-making, you need every aspect, hook and link you can get. Beyond national borders, beyond the institutions you work with today.

Every day, policy-insider.ai will add new documents to its database. Driven by machine learning, this is a process so smooth, even we need to be reminded about it every morning.

Every month, we will add new data sources. Can you fully understand European policy-making without looking at France? We have covered German, UK, the European institutions - France is next. With our unique translation engine that goes far beyond what you might know from standard search engines, we bring french policy documents to your international desk. You will be able to dig into the French policy-arena accessing ten-thousands of policy documents.

We will give you access to the originals - and provide you with a courtesy translation that doesn’t miss out on policy language.

And the month after, we go overseas - we know that many of you cover global functions and we will give you access to one of the world’s most complex political systems anytime soon. Whether you are based on the hill or in downtown Brussels - we will connect the dots for you. Day by day, month by month. Where would you like us to go next? Write to me on LinkedIn and make your case for the next data source addition!

Finally we are also working to optimize the use on smaller mobile devices to make policy-insider your anywhere anytime policy companion. 

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