How to set up your alerts in 60 seconds

by Marc-Angelo

Updated March 2021

We wanted to share a short tutorial on setting up your policy alerts. This tutorial will also help you better understand how to finetune your policy searches. 

1) Choose between "and" or "or" 

As for the "documents search" you can also use the "and" or "or" opeartors to setup an alert. Using the "and" operator will create an alert that only returns policy documents featuring all the entered keywords. The "or" operator will return all policy documents that match either keyword and send you one compiled alert. 

2) How specific is the search ?

We use an "elastic search engine". This means that before executing the search, the system will reduce the entered keyword to its stem. Basically, searching for "housing" will also find "house(s)"  and "donation" will also find "donating".  

3) What else ?

Be aware that searching for "blood donation" might yield different results then "blood" "+ "donation".
Why is that? "Blood donation" will look for any documents that contains "blood donation" (or its translation) or very similar matches (see 2)).
Searching for "blood"+"donation" will search for any document that contains "blood" and "donation" including "donating blood".

4) Setting the alerts

I recommend that you test the best search parameters, to decide how much you might want to narrow the search results down. I personally prefer the broader search. 
If you follow the rationale above, you will have identified the best functioning search query for your alert and should be good to go. 

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