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by Lutz Dommel, CEO of RPP

At RPP, monitoring and treating analytical content, is multi-national teamwork. 
Clients benefit from our ability to provide multi-country listing services, connect the dots using the strength and diversity different angles in order to present the full picture. Our development partnership with policy-insider.ai has taken this approach to online policy arena, with its thousands of data sources and millions of data-sets. 
A team of highly trained researchers and analysts couldn't ever be large enough to not miss out on something. But the process know-how of RPP in combination with machine-learning and artificial intelligence provides a conclusive way out of the ever growing policy cloud.

PI.AI gathers data the RPP way

It looks at the data in the RPP way - beyond the obvious and constructive and out of box when it comes to building alliances and finding hooks that carry our clients' projects to their policy goals.

PI.AI lets you check daily, where your issues and thought leaders stand in the policy arena, where there is movement, where opportunities arise - and anything your consultancy might have missed.

At RPP we will use PI.AI , to live up to our promise of being complete.
Policy-Insider.AI will challenge our view ofthe policy world every day. In the same way, as our consultants and directors challenge what our research has produced, policy-insider.ai is programmed to provide its users a critical insight into what is going on. It will make our campaigns better, faster and even more thoroughly vetted, with the artificial intelligence having the capacity of analysing so many more strings attached to the same question, than any individual ever could.

Making the best use of the results, developing string policy cases with societal value and attractiveness to all stakeholders stays the domain of RPP.

For now. 


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