Six weeks in

by Marc-Angelo

It has just been six weeks since we launched and what a journey this has been. 
We've been recognized as #bestinBrussels in less than a month, user feedback is overwhelming and full of fantastic ideas on how to further push towards an essential tool to anyone that follows policy developments across the globe.
As we strive to make policies and politics more transparent, we want to embark with our users on a common journey towards this goal.

With today's major update, here is what we are currently working on:

Automatic search language recognition

On launch, we opted to make you pick the search language. Why? Because politics is full of technical terms. With one of the next updates, PI.AI will automatically recognize your search word language and actually display and refine the translations in all other languages. So you can make sure that searching let's say for "data retention" will actually search for "Vorratsdatenspeicherung".

Filling the gaps for a coherent top-level assessment

Despite the diversity of political system and processes, our objective is to present you a holistic and coherent top-level view on any political development. This requires us to fill the gaps, such as including plenary debates in the UK, written PQs in France, press releases by the German Government. 
It also means completing our "pandemic package" with the German Robert-Koch-Institute, Public Health England and Sant√© Publique France. Same goes for our "central bank package" that will be covering central banks' publications, statement and opinions from the markets we already cover. 

Fixing the little mistakes for a more complete in-depth assessment

We are very thankful for the many helpful reports on missing data (like biographies, political roles) or things that don't work as well as they could. 
If you'd like to report anything, please just send a short email to !

Preparing data for the United States Federal level and Canada

We have given a lot of thought into prioritizing next countries to include and have opted for a trans-atlantic look. We put the benefits of identifying greater global policy trends above the integration of further EU countries. Because of many data sources being well accessible in the US and Canada, we hope to complete this soon to in fact deepen our EU insights. 

Teaching our translator Spanish

We trained our translator with ten thousands of policy documents, enabling it to hit that specific wording that make the difference in policy documents and speeches. To prepare for the integration of Spain in, we are already training the AI with spanish policy documents. 

Next update coming soon!

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