The COVID-19 Policy Curve

by James, head of EU

With “flattening the curve” now a household term, it is interesting to note that policy reaction to the virus has peaks and troughs too. 
With policy insider we can track what policy issues are getting the most attention, who is active on them and what policy documents in any selected language have been published.
Let’s compare the UK and Germany as an example. Raw numbers of cases at this stage are useless as a baseline with certain countries having prioritised screening over others. What is more useful however is the mortality rate. Germany today has the lowest mortality rate of COVID-19 at just 0.4% whereas the UK has a mortality rate of 4.9%. The first cases of COVID-19 were recorded in late January in both countries. 

Now let’s use policy insider within that timeframe. While one cannot assume a direct causation, it is interesting to note that Germany had a far faster policy response. While no real policy action of any kind had been taken before February by UK policy makers, policy insider tells us that for MPs in Germany, Covid-19 was already a Committee Agenda item in the Bundestag in December. By late January when the first case was confirmed, it was the subject of a motion for resolution.

Theses will be written in the near future on rapid policy response vs covid-19 growth and mortality rates I have no doubt. In the meantime with measures rolling out across Germany and the UK we now see a slowdown in policy.
Will this be a simple lull in activity or are policy makers ready to work on other issues? Policy Insider can let you know.

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