Select the right opportunities

Success in the venture capital market is dependent on the selection of the right opportunities . The quality of presented options can be assessed thanks to monitoring. Therefore, Policy-Insider.AI helps venture capitalists effectively identify threats and opportunities using its policy monitoring  and analysis tools.

While venture capitalists can usually identify megatrends and inflexion points, the weak signals are often neglected . Our tool helps to identify policy signals that will affect your industry of interest in the upcoming years. Moreover, Policy-Insider.AI lets you compare documents within specific policy areas . So you can see how one specific sector or a multitude of industries are being affected. 

Our platform uses an AI model to scan for the most important documents and provide you with relevant and up-to-date information . You will be able to efficiently identify opportunities presented within the current VC market and investigate untapped growth potential .

Effectively monitor market trends

Venture capitalists not only have to make intelligent investment decisions, but they also manage a variety of aspects at the post-investment stage. For example, they are responsible for  providing strategic insights and market expertise. Effective managing of the ventures is essential to maximise your return. Thus, venture capitalists require  the right knowledge and tools

To stay more involved in new or existing ventures, Policy-Insider.AI offers valuable knowledge from a range of policymakers and political institutions.  Our online dashboard allows your organisation to consult over 400,000 policy documents per year at any point in time in the language of preference. Every day we complete the database with newly published documents to provide the  most up-to-date information

For example, if you invest in biomedical technology, you will be able to determine whether any new draft regulations could affect your investment in life science VC firms. Additionally, you will be able to monitor market trends thanks to our  social media tracking tool

Find out how policymaking affects VC market growth

Economic policy on a national and European level is often concerned with creating active VC markets . Governmental institutions across Europe establish favourable policies to promote innovation and sustained economic growth. Policy-Insider.AI offers data from a broad range of political institutions, such as  federal governmentsregulatory authorities, courts, and international organisations. 

With such comprehensive institutional coverage, venture capitalists can benefit from the knowledge of new political developments  that affect the growth of the VC market. For example, better governmental support of venture capital offered by specific federal governments can influence venture capitalists to invest in a different European region.

Moreover, our policymaker profile  explorer allows venture capitalists to identify and follow the activity of the most influential policymakers. The profile contains contact information that can help you  reach out to policymakers to advocate your interests.

Use the right tools

Venture capitalists are often regarded as financiers, but they also play the role of advisers. Thus, they not only need to make smart investment decisions but also provide consultancy services and strategic guidance. This requires intensive time investment and extensive resources. Thanks to our platform, you will  minimise the time and effort needed to stay updated on the most recent policy developments that affect your ventures. 

With Policy-Insider.AI, you have all relevant documents from the most important institutions in one place  within a few clicks. We also offer daily personalised e-mail alerts so that you can immediately find out about new relevant developments. You can also make use of Policy-Insider.AI’s  social media analysis tool to identify new policy signals  and reach out to political actors. To read more about how we use Twitter to analyse trends in the activity of policymakers on social media,  click here

Welcome to the newest chapter in your Policy-Insider journey! As […]
We’re thrilled to announce a significant expansion here at Policy-Insider.AI! […]
In the heart of Germany’s public health landscape stands the […]

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Welcome to the newest chapter in your Policy-Insider journey! As […]
We’re thrilled to announce a significant expansion here at Policy-Insider.AI! […]
In the heart of Germany’s public health landscape stands the […]