relation between public policy education and advocacy lobbying
In current ranking of global public policy programs, it’s striking to see the dominance of UK and US universities, […]
Cabinet Meeting August 2023 (c)
The roles of ministers and state secretaries (or secretaries of state) are crucial in government. These positions, while similar, differ […]
key policy shifts hungarian eu presidency 2024
Circulating since today, the Hungarian Presidency Programme marks a significant moment of transition and evolution in the European Union’s policy […]
what is public affairs and how to start a career
Introduction to Public Affairs Public affairs is a crucial function that integrates government relations, media communications, issue management, corporate and […]
best practices for political monitoring
In the fast-paced world of public affairs, staying informed about political developments is crucial. Effective political monitoring allows public affairs […]
parliamentary monitoring more important after EU election outcomes
The recent EU elections have brought significant changes that will shape the future of European policymaking. This isn’t just about […]
manual policy monitoring is tideous
Traditional methods of policy analysis often involve manual data collection and interpretation, which can be incredibly time-consuming and prone to […]
在错综复杂的欧盟(EU)政府事务和公共事务世界中穿梭是一件令人生畏的事情。本指南 [...]
在当今多变的政治环境中,及时了解政治变化对企业至关重要。高效的政策监督起着至关重要的 [...] 作用。
在当今快节奏的世界中,走在政策变化的前列对于各行各业的组织都至关重要。无论您是在 [...]