Much more than just Monitoring

developing as we speak

developing as we speak

Major political institutions from EU, Germany, France and the United Kingdom are already included. Our pipeline grows also thanks to user suggestions.

Take a closer look at what we cover and tell us what you need!

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Banking and Finance Authorities added

European Central Bank, Banque de France and Bundesbank now included.

Public Health sources added

We have added Public Health England, Santé Publique France and the German Robert-Koch-Institute.

Some downtime expected on Friday 10 July 2020

As we are implementing source additions and fixes, you might experience some downtime or unavailabilities.

More relevant public health sources added

We've added communications and publications by the Robert-Koch-Institute, Public Health Enagland and Santé Publique France,  all available in German, French and English. 


full subscription is only 99€ per month*.

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current and upcoming scope

European Union

European Union

European Parliament and its Committees
European Commission
European Council
European Court of Justice
European Centre for Disease Control
European Central Bank

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

House of Commons

House of Lords

Her Majesty's Government

Public Health England

Bank of England





Federal Cabinet

Federal Courts




President's office

National Assembly


State Council

Santé Publique

Banque de France

Current Pipeline

Current Pipeline

United States Federal Government




Latest blogs

Policy-Insider.AI covers all policy areas. We are however striving to add additional sources close to policymaking, such as authorities in the Banking and Finance environment.

Amidst the global covid-19 pandemic, we have added several sources to to better monitor daily policy updates surrounding handling this global crisis.

The last weeks have been very exciting. Besides seing the number of sources grow, we have received a lot of user feedback. 

We have now channeled the feedback, requests and suggestions into a major…

Six weeks in

by Marc-Angelo

It has just been six weeks since we launched and what a journey this has been.

We've been recognized as #bestinBrussels in less than a month, user feedback is overwhelming and full…

More than Monitoring

by Kit, Co-Founder & Head of UK
more than just monitoring origin connectivity context motivation

Three years ago I wrote a guide for colleagues at RPP on ‘how to make the perfect policy analysis’. It centred around the notion that informing a client should paint the clearest picture, in the most…

The COVID-19 Policy Curve

by James, head of EU

With “flattening the curve” now a household term, it is interesting to note that policy reaction to the virus has peaks and troughs too. 

With policy insider we can track what policy issues are…

On the eve of going life with, we have been digging into nearly 700.000 documents and over 1.9 million tweets.

This is an amount of policy documents, difficult to grasp. It shows,…

Powered by the RPP experience

by Lutz Dommel, CEO of RPP

At RPP, monitoring and treating analytical content, is multi-national teamwork. 

Clients benefit from our ability to provide multi-country listing services, connect the dots using the strength and…

Using true AI to create real value

by Agata, head of AI

The number of documents being published by the political institutions is overwhelming, even taking into account single countries. Harnessing such big volumes of data coming instantly from multiple…

Nobody likes to be kept in the dark

by Salomé, head of France

In these times of pandemic, more and more people call for an EU coordinated approach to health threats – and beyond. But this also makes us realise how little we actually know about what is going on…


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