Search through million of public policy documents from key institutions in Europe.


Access any policy document in your prefered language using a specifically trained policy language translator.


Dive deeper with profiles of policy makers, including contact details and identification of relevant and connected documents.


Go beyond policy monitoring and recognize trends and patterns in policy developments. 


Get instantly notified when your topics are mentioned in new policy documents.


Soon, use our experimental AI algorithm to predict potential vote outcomes.

Public Policy monitoring in one central place

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Digital tools are essential for monitoring and evaluating public policy. They provide real-time data, which allows for more accurate assessments of the impact and effectiveness of policies, as well as the ability to quickly adapt policies in response to changes.

ALL policy Areas included

Don’t limit yourself to selected public policy areas. Policy-Insider.AI includes all policy documents from all policy areas, including regulated industries and all societal topics.  

Give your Team the Tool They Need

85% of our users are less at fear of missing an important policy development and 70% reported they found relevant policy documents in institutions they don’t usually makes policy monitoring much simpler and much more reliable.

Policy-Insider.AI integrates in your workflows

With it Microsoft Teams and Slack integrations, is always at hand. 

You tell us what’s next

Are you interested in new sources? Do you need to run political science research? Let us know and we’ll support you!