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Policy-Insider.AI revolutionizes public policy monitoring with cutting-edge AI, offering real-time, multilingual, and multinational insights. Discover how our features transform your policy analysis and global, EU and member states monitoring.

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Leverage advanced AI to turn complex policy data into actionable insights quickly and accurately.


Gain a global perspective with extensive data from numerous countries and international institutions


Access comprehensive policy documents & analysis in multiple languages, breaking down language barriers.


Stay updated with instant alerts on policy changes as they happen, ensuring timely responses.


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Our users include consultancies, corporates, startups, trade associations, and media.

Use cases vary from global policy monitoring to EU monitoring at EU, member states or even regional level.

Policy-Insider.AI has been a game-changer for RPP, allowing us to focus on delivering high-quality analysis to our clients. The data insights and quick access to translated documents from many countries have enhanced our policy development abilities, improving our advice on the best strategies for policy influence.

Alberto Domingo

Director of Policy Development
RPP Group

The continuous source additions and AI-generated summaries from Policy-Insider.AI are invaluable for our internal briefings. It ensures that our team stays informed with the latest policy developments and can respond swiftly with well-informed strategies.

Carina Buchmann


Using Policy-Insider.AI for my KPI analysis has transformed how I measure advocacy progress and communicate internally. The detailed data and insights allow me to track our impact accurately and adjust our approaches effectively, ensuring we achieve our policy goals.

Amaya Erce

Director Government Affairs

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Our data architecture ise designed to complement your existing systems, enhancing your ability to track, analyze, and respond to policy developments without disruption.

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Tailor-made solutions are developed to meet your specific needs.

Whether you require bespoke data models, custom dashboards, or new analytical tools, we work with you to create solutions that drive your public affairs strategy forward.

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