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developing as we speak

developing as we speak

Major political institutions from EU, Germany, France and the United Kingdom are already included. Our pipeline grows also thanks to user suggestions.

Take a closer look at what we cover and tell us what you need!

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We at RPP developed Policy-Insider.AI because we wanted better and quicker access to policy information. We teamed up with the brilliant minds at theblue.ai to develop a knowledge platform that would not only benefit us but also create more transparency in policy making. We enjoy every day we spend adding sources, designing new features and responding to your needs. Learn more about the team behind the ai:


New tutorial available

A tutorial on finetuning your searches and alerts is now available on our blog.

French Government extended

With our latest release we have added additional government roles to the profiles of policy makers as well as ensured correct gendering of mandates in German.

Improvements on thought leader identification

We've released a small update improving the identification of authors for some policy documents and thought leaders overall.

Finally available on mobile!

PI.AI is now completely available on mobile, with additional features available when rotating your device.

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current and upcoming scope

European Union

European Union

European Parliament and its Committees
European Commission
European Council
European Court of Justice
European Centre for Disease Control
European Central Bank

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

House of Commons

House of Lords

Her Majesty's Government

Public Health England

Bank of England





Federal Cabinet

Federal Courts




President's office

National Assembly


State Council

Santé Publique

Banque de France

Current Pipeline

Current Pipeline

United States Federal Government




Latest blogs

How to set up your alerts in 60 seconds

by Marc-Angelo

We wanted to share a short tutorial on setting up your policy alerts. This tutorial will also help you better understand how to finetune your policy searches.

This is very exciting to share as we have been working on this for a few months.

Based on current user feedback, we have adapted policy-insider.ai to better match their needs.

Policy-Insider.AI covers all policy areas. We are however striving to add additional sources close to policymaking, such as authorities in the Banking and Finance environment.


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