Five reasons healthcare policy experts will never cancel their subscription.

Navigating healthcare policies and public health trends can be a daunting task. Given their complexity and synchronous developments across the globe, significant resources are needed. To simplify this,, provides a user-friendly dashboard designed specifically for public affairs professionals. To make things even better, Policy-Insider.Ai was crafted by veteran healthcare public affairs experts from  RPP Group, a leading Healthcare Public Affairs firm.

Policy-Insider.AI’s  webAPP‘s intuitive interface allows users to effortlessly identify policy developments, relevant stakeholders and policymakers. Hence, it is streamlining the process of staying abreast of crucial healthcare updates and legislative changes.

1. A continuously expanding list of global healthcare and public health institutions covered

For healthcare public affairs professionals seeking an in-depth and current view of the global health policy landscape, provides unparalleled coverage.

The platform continuously expands its database of key healthcare institutions worldwide. This broad scope ensures that users have timely and comprehensive information on significant health initiatives and regulatory changes, empowering them to make informed decisions and stay ahead in their field.

2. AI tools for immediate assessment of policy documents, no matter their language

With AI-powered tools, the webAPP (  try it now) translates and assesses policy documents across multiple languages. Breaking down language barriers allows immediate and actionable insights.

This capability allows healthcare policy experts to quickly understand the implications of foreign policies and adjust their strategies accordingly without the delay of traditional translation processes.

Access and assess the newest policy documents immediately with our integrated AI tools.

3. Simple dashboards that allows you to identify relevant stakeholders and policymakers

At, our dashboard is designed with the intention of keeping user interaction simple yet profoundly effective, especially for healthcare public affairs professionals. Developed by veteran experts from the RPP Group, our platform ensures that even the most complex healthcare policies and public health trends are easily navigable.

Recognizing that healthcare policies often sync globally, our User Interface is tailored to help you effortlessly identify relevant stakeholders and policymakers, facilitating a seamless integration of global health data.

This focus on intuitive design allows users to access, analyze, and act on essential information without the usual complexities of data management.

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4. Real-time alerts and AI enabled analysis provides real-time alerts on healthcare policy changes, coupled with AI-enabled analysis to interpret these developments swiftly. This not only ensures that policy experts are the first to know about relevant changes but also equips them with deep insights into the potential impacts of these changes, helping them to make informed decisions faster than ever.

5. Customisations and Integrations into your organisation’s workflows.

In today’s dynamic public affairs environment, the ability to seamlessly integrate advanced public affairs tools into your existing workflows is crucial. offers robust  customizations and integrations designed to enhance your organization’s efficiency and responsiveness to policy changes. Our platform adapts to your specific operational needs, allowing for a streamlined approach to monitoring healthcare policies and public health trends. Optimize your public affairs strategy with our  tailored solutions and specific sources that ensure you are always aligned with global health regulations and practices.

Policy-Insider.AI has been a game-changer for RPP, allowing us to focus on delivering high-quality analysis to our clients. The data insights and quick access to translated documents from many countries have enhanced our policy development abilities, improving our advice on the best strategies for policy influence.

Alberto Domingo

Director of Policy Development
RPP Group

The continuous source additions and AI-generated summaries from Policy-Insider.AI are invaluable for our internal briefings. It ensures that our team stays informed with the latest policy developments and can respond swiftly with well-informed strategies.

Carina Buchmann


Using Policy-Insider.AI for my KPI analysis has transformed how I measure advocacy progress and communicate internally. The detailed data and insights allow me to track our impact accurately and adjust our approaches effectively, ensuring we achieve our policy goals.

Amaya Erce

Director Government Affairs

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