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At, we’re excited to introduce our live feed dedicated to public policy on artificial intelligence. This feed provides unparalleled access to the latest developments in AI regulations, ensuring you stay informed and proactive in navigating this dynamic field. Our WebAPP then provides you with all the context you need.

Key Highlights:

  • Ethical AI Development: Track guidelines and frameworks promoting responsible AI usage.
  • Healthcare Innovations: Stay updated on AI policies impacting healthcare advancements.
  • Workforce and Economy: Understand regulations addressing AI’s impact on jobs and economic structures.
  • Data Privacy: Follow new laws ensuring data protection and transparency in AI systems.
  • AI in Education: Discover policies that promote the integration of AI technologies in educational settings, enhancing learning experiences and outcomes.
  • AI in Transportation: Learn about regulatory measures governing the use of AI in autonomous vehicles and smart infrastructure.
  • AI and National Security: Stay informed on policies addressing the use of AI in defense and security, ensuring ethical and controlled deployment.
  • Innovation and Research Funding: Keep track of governmental support for AI research and development through grants and funding initiatives.

Explore the Feed

Our AI policy feed provides:

  • Real-Time Updates: Get the latest policy documents as they are released, keeping you informed about new developments (read more about best practices in political monitoring ).
  • Comprehensive Coverage: From international regulations to local policies, our feed covers a wide range of documents. (read more about the sources we cover)
  • Granular Insights: Detailed analysis of specific policy aspects, including legislative discussions and official statements, available on the webAPP.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easily navigate the feed with intuitive search and filter options.

Example Documents in Our AI Feed

How to Access

  1. Visit the AI Policy Feed: Head to the dedicated section on our website to access the live feed. Register for the free trial to maximise the benefits of our system.
  2. Set Up Alerts: Customize alerts for specific keywords, regions, or document types to stay ahead of important updates.
  3. Deep Dive into Documents: View detailed breakdowns, including key points and implications of each policy document.
  4. Invite your colleagues: Share the link to this feed and invite your colleagues to get discounts to your own subscription.

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