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Designed to provide instant updates, detailed analysis, and seamless integration into your workflow, our web app empowers you with the insights you need to stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of policy.

A few things you can expect

We continuously add features to our platform – make sure to try them out!

Comprehensive search for policy documents – 15.000+ pages added daily
Policy documents with automated AI summaries, translations and identification of related documents
Extensive Collection of Agenda and Events
Policymaker profiles with contact data, roles, and AI generated profile text
A EU procedure tracker with weekly summaries, rapporteurs, declareed stakeholder meetings
Automated identification of Thought Leaders for your topic 
Immediate alerts in Microsoft Teams with keyword specific summaries
Daily or Weekly alerts with analysis tailored to your keywords makes policy monitoring available on all devices
It is optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile phone use

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Example Live Data Feeds

Our examplary data feeds offer real-time updates on various policy areas, providing pure data from a wide range of sources.

Stay informed with the latest policies and regulations related to the UEFA EURO 2024 tournament.

AI is the most discussed and potentially least regulated technology that is widely adopted.

Get real-time updates on policies and guidelines concerning diabetes management and prevention across all the sources we follow.

These feeds demonstrate our platform’s capability to deliver detailed and up-to-the-minute policy information.
For comprehensive analytics and in-depth insights, free registration is required. Register today to access the full suite of our analytical tools and stay ahead in navigating complex policy landscapes with ease and precision.

Our users include consultancies, corporates, startups, trade associations, and media.

Policy-Insider.AI has been a game-changer for RPP, allowing us to focus on delivering high-quality analysis to our clients. The data insights and quick access to translated documents from many countries have enhanced our policy development abilities, improving our advice on the best strategies for policy influence.

Alberto Domingo

Director of Policy Development
RPP Group

The continuous source additions and AI-generated summaries from Policy-Insider.AI are invaluable for our internal briefings. It ensures that our team stays informed with the latest policy developments and can respond swiftly with well-informed strategies.

Carina Buchmann


Using Policy-Insider.AI for my KPI analysis has transformed how I measure advocacy progress and communicate internally. The detailed data and insights allow me to track our impact accurately and adjust our approaches effectively, ensuring we achieve our policy goals.

Amaya Erce

Director Government Affairs

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