We are excited to share that policy-insider.ai has been utilized by RPP for its pivotal analysis of the impact of policymakers in European health policy, now published at Health Policy Leaders (HPL). This application underscores our platform’s capacity to support significant analyses and encourage profound discussions within the health policy sphere. Congratulations to RPP’s team for the successful launch event on 24 April 2024.

The HPL Methodology uses a structured communication technique known as the Delphi method, employed by RPP Group’s health policy experts, to rank the most influential political policymakers in health across Europe and at national levels. This approach involves surveys, interviews, and documentary research enhanced by tools like Policy-Insider.AI, to produce accurate rankings of policymakers based on their impact on health policies over the last five years.

Our platform aims to empower organizations through advanced analytical tools and a collaborative environment. Witnessing our system in use at Health Policy Leaders not only reaffirms our mission but also reinforces our dedication to improving public policy analysis.

We take pride in contributing to initiatives that influence health policies impacting millions throughout the EU. This partnership with the RPP Group demonstrates the essential role of our platform and our commitment to aiding policy experts and decision-makers.

As we further develop our services, we encourage other organizations to discover how policy-insider.ai can enhance their projects. Policy-Insider.AI already includes a significant set of healthcare policy institutions and we continuously work on adding more relevant data to our platform.

Discover how AI and big data are shaping policy analysis in our article on the future of policy analysis.

Let’s continue to push the boundaries of policy innovation for a brighter future!


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