Marc-Angelo Bisotti

Founder & CEO

Agata Chudzinska

Co-Founder & Head of AI

Kit Greenop

Co-Founder & Head of UK + Spain

Salomé Chelli-Enriquez

Co-Founder & Head of France

James Kennedy

Co-Founder & Head of EU

Lutz Dommel

Co-Founder & Head of Germany

Sirko Pelzl

Co-Founder & Technology Advisor

Sebastian Rohde

Co-Founder & Head of Academics

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A recent survey at a consultancy showed significant increases in productivity and effectiveness!

We have been working on some updates to with a special look at improving searches and alerts. 

How to set up your alerts in 60 seconds

by Marc-Angelo

We wanted to share a short tutorial on setting up your policy alerts. This tutorial will also help you better understand how to finetune your policy searches.

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