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In today’s fast-paced world, keeping up with the ever-changing landscape of policy […]
Automated policy analysis instead of “just policy alerts” The modern world is […]
Staying up-to-date with the latest policy documents from your favorite institutions can […]
Economic and Financial Affairs Council Roundtable
What is the Presidency of the EU Council? The European Union (EU) […]
In the new release, we harmonized the appearance of documents in the […]
Too many, the difference between the European Council, the Council of the […]
With our latest update to our platform, we have made monitoring the […]
Did you know that approximately 50% of parliamentary documents in Spain are […]
Consider public policy monitoring as a race: the earlier you are aware […]
We are committed to making Policy-Insider.AI your one-stop shop for policy monitoring. […]
An article was previously published bringing together the list of candidates for […]
On 8 December 2021 Olaf Scholz and his cabinet ministers will be […]
On January 17th 2022, the Members of the European Parliament will decide […]
🔴 Valérie Pécresse won the second round of the Congress of Republicans […]
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During his speech at the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) Annual Conference, […]
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The UK Weekly Digest offers regular information about the most recent political […]
It’s five months before the French presidential elections in 2022 – let’s […]
In our sixth UK Weekly Digest, we take a closer look at […]
In this week’s edition of the UK Weekly Digest we will zoom […]
In this article, discover how unforeseen events impact election campaigns and how […]
This week, (26.10.2021) the newly formed German Parliament convened for the first […]
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In our second weekly digest post, we take to Policy-Insider.AI to find […]
On 26 September 2021 Germany’s federal election took place. Although the CDU […]
UK Parliament
In our new weekly series, we uncover the most recent political trends […]
On 26 September 2021, Germany held federal elections for a new parliament, […]
Pigeonholes in the European Parliament
I have started working in EU public affairs in the mid-1990s. Monitoring […]
The outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic has led to political instability on […]
There are just over ten days until the federal elections take place […]
In modern public affairs, fact- and evidence-based approaches are the basis for […]
Research methodology has evolved considerably with the internet in recent years. In […]
What do Macron and Johnson have in common? Twitter outreach and influence […]
In government affairs, we have a tendency to look for relevance within […]
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A tour d’horizon on the elections to the German Bundestag Twitter is […]
Short and to the point In the past decade, social media has […]
Barack Obama could reach 70 million people with one of his tweets. […]
RPP, a leading public policy consultancy in Brussels and Europe, has been our […]