About us

The need for easier, unbiased and transparent access to policy developments brought us together 

Policy-Insider.AI originates in the cooperation between the European RPP Group and the Team at theblue.ai. 

At RPP we wanted better and quicker access to policy information. We teamed up to develop a knowledge platform that would not only benefit us but also create more transparency in policy making.

We enjoy every day we spend adding sources, designing new features and responding to your needs.

Our founders team

Policy-Insider.AI was founded 2017 by colleagues from RPP and theblue.ai to provide best-in-class policy monitoring and analytics on a global level.

Dr. Marc-Angelo Bisotti

Founder & CEO

Agata Chudzinska

Co-founder & Head of AI

Lutz Dommel


Salomé Chelli-Enriquez


Kit Greenop


James Kennedy


Sirko Pelzl


Sebastian Rohde