Automated policy analysis instead of “just policy alerts” The modern world is witnessing a significant shift […]
In the new release, we harmonized the appearance of documents in the application. You can now […]
Too many, the difference between the European Council, the Council of the European Union, and the […]
With our latest update to our platform, we have made monitoring the European Council (🔗Consilium) and […]
Did you know that approximately 50% of parliamentary documents in Spain are not web searchable? In […]
*See an updated version of this article (1 December 2021)* On January 17th 2022, the Members […]
Map of Europe with pins and connections
The European Union relies on an array of bodies and committees to advise on all aspects […]
On 26 September 2021, Germany held federal elections for a new parliament, the Bundestag. For a […]
The outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic has led to political instability on a domestic and supranational […]
Research methodology has evolved considerably with the internet in recent years. In addition to library research […]