belgium hungary eu presidency difference
Circulating since today, the Hungarian Presidency Programme marks a significant moment of transition and evolution in the European Union’s policy […]
what is public affairs and how to start a career
Introduction to Public Affairs Public affairs is a crucial function that integrates government relations, media communications, issue management, corporate and […]
best practices for political monitoring
In the fast-paced world of public affairs, staying informed about political developments is crucial. Effective political monitoring allows public affairs […]
parliamentary monitoring more important after EU election outcomes
The recent EU elections have brought significant changes that will shape the future of European policymaking. This isn’t just about […]
manual policy monitoring is tideous
Traditional methods of policy analysis often involve manual data collection and interpretation, which can be incredibly time-consuming and prone to […]
Stakeholder monitoring using bundestag lobby register
Overview The German Lobby Register, which was recently added to policy-insidera.i for better stakeholder monitoring, is a crucial tool for […]
WTO monitoring
Overview The World Trade Organization (WTO), recently added to for your daily policy monitoring, plays a critical role in […]
Bundestag policy monitoring and analysis
We are thrilled to announce the addition of two significant data sources for stakeholder monitoring to our platform: the World […]
public affairs and government affairs in europe and eu
Navigating the intricate world of government affairs and public affairs within the European Union (EU) can be daunting. This guide […]
Automate data analysis, stay updated in real-time,
In today’s dynamic political landscape, staying informed about political changes is essential for businesses. Efficient policy monitoring plays a crucial […]

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