What do Macron and Johnson have in common?

Twitter outreach and influence

Find out who has the most social media influence in Europe by consulting our ranking of Top 5 tweets. The ranking is based on Twitter feeds of policymakers from EU, Germany, UK and France. Because we try to find out who is the most popular among politicians, we rank the tweets based on retweets from policymakers.

@EmmanuelMacron “I trust us. The hours we live in are crucial. Let’s do everything to stop the epidemic together.”

#1 As Covid19 infections in France rapidly increased in January 2021, Emmanuel Macron’s appeal to the public received a lot of attention on social media. With 4.3K retweets, including 102 retweets by European policymakers*, it is the #1 most shared tweet in our ranking.

#2 The French President’s reaction to the United States Capitol attack in January 2021 was retweeted 95 timesby policymakers*, thus assuming #2 place in our Twitter ranking. With 3.6 million views and over 7000 comments, Emmanuel Macron’s speech helped to spark a conversation about freedom and democracy.

@EmmanuelMacron She was a police officer. Stéphanie was killed in her police station in Rambouillet, on the already damaged lands of Yvelines. The Nation stands alongside the family, colleagues and law enforcement. In the fight against Islamist terrorism, we will not give up.

#3 Emmanuel Macron’s tweet condemning terrorism in light of the attack on a French policewoman Stéphanie Monfermé was shared by 76 of Europe’s policymakers*, making it the #3 most retweeted statement in the first half of 2021.

#4 The storming of the US Congress caused true upheaval among European policymakers, receiving yet another top comment in our ranking, this time from Boris Johnson. With 69 retweets from policymakers*, Johnson’s tweet assumes #4 place.

#5 The British Prime Minister concludes our Top 5 Ranking of the most retweeted posts in the first half of 2021 with his celebration of an important milestone in the national vaccination programme. While Johnson’s video message received almost 470K views, only 56 European policymakers retweeted the post*.

* The retweets from policymakers have been collected from our database of EU, UK, German and French policymakers.

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