Did you know that approximately 50% of parliamentary documents in Spain are not web searchable?

In any democracy like Spain, constitutional transparency is not only important but also essential. As such, it is pertinent that public policy documents and political developments are being monitored and made available to the general public. Public policy monitoring has evolved from a time-consuming, unsustainable task to a comprehensive and strategic enabler for successful advocacy.

On the one hand, access to information is very valuable to individuals as well as to businesses. Public policy monitoring enables society and stakeholders to accompany political developments. In this regard, it is important to recognize that good decision-making, is, by its very nature, based on the information available. On the other hand, a lack of information, can create uncertainty, and knowledge gaps and result in poor decision making. Through the advancement in technologies and the post-pandemical transformation of work processes, public policy monitoring is now easily integrated into collaborative processes. Policy-Insider.Ai integrates seamlessly through tools such as Microsoft Teams or #Slack.

The Spanish Context

When we started adding Spanish parliamentary sources to policy-insider.ai, we found 50% of their public policy documents not to be web searchable. That means that your typical google search would not find these documents, hence creating a massive knowledge gap.

However, before we dive deeper into the accessibility of public policy documents in Spain, it is important that we understand where those documents come from. In this regard, the constitution of Spain outlines its separation of powers into three branches. At the national level, these branches are:

  • the executive branch (led by the Prime Minister (“La Moncloa”) and represented by the King),
  • the legislative branch (composed of the two parliamentary houses (House of Deputies and the Senate),
  • and the judiciary (including the Cortes Generales).

All these institutions and many more are included in policy-insider.ai (try it here).

Such branches of government are responsible for enacting, enforcing, and interpreting the laws of Spain, in a complex interaction. Consequently, massive amounts of public policy documents are being drafted by these institutions and their accessibility is key for the Spanish general public as well as for interested parties.

But, why is access to such documents so important? The answer is simple. Society, whether it may be a person or a business, needs to be aware of ever-changing policies which may affect their everyday lives. Also, the public is given to represent its interests through appropriate advocacy.

Policy monitoring in Spain with policy-insider.ai

With policy-insider.ai, the centralization of public policies renders policy monitoring effective, fast, and practical. We also tried to make it enjoyable. Our fully automated systems monitor dozens of institutions across Europe around the clock to always keep you informed. Policy-Insider.AI enables you to monitor the activities of institutions such as the Congreso de los Diputados, the Senado de Espana, the Moncloa (office of the Prime Minister), and many more (see the overview here). We also include the actual policymakers and their social media activity. This way you see what policymakers say and what they do.

Did you know you can close that gap at only 99€ per month?

To avoid you being overwhelmed, this is where our technology comes in. Our state-of-the-art AI enables users to monitor in real-time public policy development in Spain. This means that users are quicker and better informed and can adapt possible advocacy strategies effectively.

In this regard, policy-insider.ai filters through thousands of documents to arrive at the correct one. It reduces the time it takes to find a specific public policy document, the effort required to find it and the cost of doing it. In this manner, users and their businesses can save where it matters and adapt to a rapidly changing world.

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