In our second weekly digest post, we take to Policy-Insider.AI to find out the most important topics, actors, and trends in UK politics in the past week. In today’s edition, you will find out which policy-related discussions took place in the UK Parliament. Moreover, you will learn about the trending topics on social media and discover the most influential politicians.

Which policy areas and policymakers are the most relevant?

In the past week, only 125 policy documents from the UK Parliament were published and automatically added to our platform. Bear in mind, that the House of Commons is on recess until 18 October 2021.
Thanks to our AI-driven tools, we can still identify the most relevant policy documents. Policy-Insider.AI identified Lord Berkeley’s (Labour Party) question regarding sustainable changes in the transportation sector as the most relevant. Moreover, Baroness Hayter of Kentish Town (Labour Party) inquired about the implementation of the report on the Regulation of Property Agents. Also, Lord Mendelsohn (Labour Party) asked about the guidelines regarding the third Covid-19 vaccine.

The image aims to show the most relevant policy trends in the UK Parliament.
We identified the most relevant policy documents using the Policy-Insider.AI database (week of 04.10-10.10).

When it comes to the most active policymakers, Edward Argar and Lord Kamall both produced the highest number of documents. Unsurprisingly, Edward Argar, as a Minister of State in the Department of Health and Social Care, predominantly focused on health policy. In fact, over 70% of his activity is related to health policy. His activities concerned a variety of healthcare-related issues, from medical equipment to private health. Lord Kamall, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Health and Social Care, remained involved in public health (over 60% of activity). His main actions focused on the successful delivery of the vaccination programme and screening.

The most active policymkars have been identified with the use of the PI.AI tool.
We identified the most relevant policymakers using the Policy-Insider.AI database (week of 04.10-10.10).

In our last weekly digest, the top hashtag #Lab21 related to the Labour conference. However, this past week everyone’s attention turned towards the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester. Therefore, hashtag #CPC21 finds itself in the number one spot. During the conference PM Boris Johnson promised that the UK government will take more steps towards rebuilding the British economy. He suggested achieving this primarily through better wages, improved transport and increased workforce training. In his Tory conference speech, he defended raising taxes to the highest levels in the past seven decades. This led to some controversy within the Conservative party, which is a strong proponent of low taxes.

Boris Johnson and fellow Conservatives used the #BuildBackBetter slogan in the context of the economic recovery plan and Boris Johnson’s 10 Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution. Interestingly, the Democratic US President Joe Biden already adopted the Build Back Better slogan during his electoral campaign back in 2020.

The #WorldMentalHealthDay caused politicians to share their ideas for policy improvement in the area of mental health, such as improving mental health in the workplace.

Twitter hashtags showing trends in UK politics this week
We generated the top hashtags used by the politicians in the UK Parliament using Policy-Insider.AI (week of 04.10-10.10).

Who dominate social media and what do they tweet about?

Our last week’s most active politician on Twitter- Clair Fox, an Independent Member of the House of Lords- again shared an overwhelming number of tweets and retweets. Miss Fox again tweeted about her Battle of Ideas festival, which took place this weekend. At the same time, she also frequently mentioned the Together Declaration. The declaration aims to reject vaccine passports due to suppression, surveillance and segregation concerns.

Steve Baker, a Conservative politician in the House of Commons, tweeted predominantly about the Conservative Party Conference. Moreover, mister Baker mentioned his appearance during a weekly political discussion show Peston. As a Member of the Treasury Committee, he made remarks about the cost of living crisis and the Universal Credit safety net.

As the third most active politician on Twitter, Neale Hanvey from the Alba party in the House of Commons, referred to the Brexit referendum in Scotland. His statements focused mainly on criticizing Brexit and campaigning for Scottish independence.

This picture shows the activity of British politicians on Twitter.
We identified the most active UK politicians on Twitter using Policy-Insider.AI (week of 04.10-10.10).

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This article was originally published in English. Translations have been generated automatically and may be incorrect.